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Saturday, August 3, 2013

how to make electro house

electrohouse is supercharged form of house music with its prominent basslines which are signatures of the genre with their short and high pitched riffs and moderate amount of percussion with recent updates with dirty bass which created from saw waves through compression and distortion which added a futuristic attitude to the genre.

how to make electrohouse
making electrohouse is not that hard since we re looking for to make short and pitched riffs we only need to be using a few notes from an octave but this depend on the richness of the sound emanating from your synthesizer if your synthesizer has a rich sound then you wont need to use so much notes and vice versa synthesizers like sylenth and vanguard provides you such variety of response with their presets and once you adapt a certain way and master it you could be making hits like ''satisfaction'' everyday.

here are presets im going to use in this video 


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