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Thursday, July 25, 2013

how to use fruity multiband compressor

Fruity multiband compressors is a three band pass filter stereo compressor using of IRR or FIR filters to pass the incoming signal in to low, mid and high frequency out puts fruity multiband compressor used to give kicks "thumping" sound and fattening bass it can also make a mix sound more loud than it is. recommended.

using the fruity multiband compression

Fruity multiband compressor is is to be used in final master channel for individual instruments fruity compressor is recommended unless you what you are doing its basicly the mid, low and high frequency knobs you will need to understand the use and function of each knobs all the six have the same use in ever band pass so this simplifies the plugin  now lets talk about the use of this knobs

thres (threshold) - this knob is used to set the db mark of the sound for the compress to kick in for example if threshold is set at 0 db then the compressor will compress it back to 0 db. a range of 0.0 - 60.0 db can be used for this knob.

Ratio - controls the amount of compression applied over the incoming audio for a example a 4 : 1 ratio means when input increases in 4 db out put increases by 1 db if the ratio is 1:1 the is a free bypass if ratio is greater than 30:1 its a hard limiting limiting everything above 30 db to 1 db.

 the compression graph is best to visualizer the idea

knee - the knee values has the values soft and hard it determines fast the compressor acts once compression is in effect in a soft mode compression comes gradually while in a hard mode transition is quick and full compression has taken place depending on the music we are making we can use the knee option for pauses, buildups and so much.

attack - best range 0-400ms attack is a time which measures how long it would take to reach full compression once the threshold level has been exceeded fast attack means full compression will take place the moment the the threshold is exceeded and vice verse.

Release - is the opposite of the attack while attack represents the time to reach full compression after the threshold is surpassed release controls the time for the compression to halt best explained by this i leave the expermenting to you.


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