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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

setting up a computer for music making



Thanks to technology now a simple personal computer can be classified as a musical instrument, this days computer sounds are used more than ever in the music industry artists like David guetta, afro jack, bobsinclair use computers to make their beats and melodies the simplicity making music on a computer makes it easier for getting started for any noobs who got latent passion and desire for music production.
Today’s music making software’s  are so versatile you carry out the main music making phases in your given music making software for this you only need a few gigs of ram and a working processor I mean any computer made in the past 5-6 years can work.
Making riffs or killer loops on a computer is so easy you can just make five seven or more beats and loops riffs a day I’m saying this from personal experience you can make more there is no limit to how many loops you can make a day.
The best thing about making music on a computer is there is the possibility that you can make the next hot melody just by tweaking some knobs keyboard playing skills are not necessarily required here there are different option for you to make melodies and riffs without external midi controller on the music making software such as the piano roll on fl studio.

DAWS (digital audio workplace)


The daws are the platform in which you can use for your music making scheme there are different type of software out there such as fl studio reson abele ton dub turbo and such I personally use fl studio so excuse me if I am biased to it it’s just because it’s my first and my last but I recommend doing a research before choosing your daw you should find the one that fits to your spirit. Dubturbo is the new daw on the block the latest music making software in the market it’s pretty much like fl studio.


I mean you can literly make you music on any computer that would allow you to play GTA but problems might arise as you go deep in the music making business as your skills advance your daw might require more cpu power ram and hard disk capabilities due to the amount and complexities of instruments you load on your daw so if you are serious about making music on a computer you should think about investing on some hardware gears. Check this post on how to establish a digital music production environment under thousand bucks.
Equipments needed for making music on a computer other than the computer itself includes
Studio monitors and studio grade headphones
The studio monitors designed for listening the smallest detail of inconsistency or any kind of undesired out puts from our work station the studio monitors are not like your ordinary hifi speakers These are speakers specifically desined for audio music production they do not enhance the base or any other frequencies they are like a clear mirrors showing you only whats there they important for tuning your track right. Studio headphones are also recommended, for tracking purposes.

Midi keyboard

Midi keyboard controllers can be used with the computers the are really not compulsory but could be usefull there are really nice and affordable midi keyboards out there.
Vst synthesizers and samples
Vst synthesizers are plug-ins for the music making software simply let’s say the software is a stage and the synthesizers are the instruments for  your one man band Usually samples are used for drums, percussions, effects and there are so many of them out there a pretty good sample could cost from 100 to 200 bucks there are also free quality samples for you to download and practice with. my favorite vst synthesizers include nexus vanguard sylenth I love sylenth very much because of its dynamic sounds best for making techno house electro house  genres.

Living off your beats

You can also make a living off the beats you make on your computer meaning you can sell them online there are a bunch of websites who would sell your beats on your behalf for a commission or you might think of creating your own online store selling beats on the internet is not that complicated just checkout this post on how to sell beats online. You can even promote yourself as an artist on sites such, you can sell your music on this sites for producers and artists too producers artists visit this sites in search of new sounds when your music making advance and start to feel confident in your skills you might want to affiliate with these sites.

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